RICS Valuations


RICS Valuations

With extensive local market knowledge and experience valuing property in London and its surrounds we can provide the following RICS Valuations.

Matrimony Valuations


A Matrimonial Valuation is used in divorce or separation proceedings. The Court will use the RICS Valuation to agree a settlement in matrimonial disputes.

Inheritance Tax Valuations

After a death, the executors of the estate will need a RICS Inheritance Tax Valuation of the deceased’s property.  Inheritance Tax  valuations are used to calculate property values for inheritance tax.

Building Insurance Valuations

A RICS Building Insurance Valuation estimates how much it would cost to rebuild your property. The BCIS calculation is based upon using modern materials and techniques. It forms the basis of your Buildings Insurance Policy.

Tax Valuations

The RICS Tax Valuation puts a historic value on your property, making self-assessment for Capital Gains Tax easier.  This includes Base Valuations for overseas property owners in accordance with the recent changes to legislation in April 2015. 

Private Valuation for Home Sellers

Our valuations are undertaken via a physical inspection and the report provides an independent assessment on the current value of the property.
When providing these valuations, we will consider the age, size, and condition and most importantly location of the property (in addition to several other factors) before comparing these to similar properties that have recently sold in the local area

Help to Buy

Suitable for homeowners looking to redeem their Help to Buy equity loan.

Shared Equity

For property owners looking to sell or ‘staircase’ (buy/ increase their shares in) their shared ownership property.

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