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RICS Home surveys

RICS Home Surveys

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The RICS Home Survey – Level 2 is designed for properties of standard construction and those that are under 100 years of age. The RICS Home Survey Level 3 however is designed for properties that are of non-standard construction or have been considerably modified and those that are over 100 years of age. Please refere to the RICS documents below or call us on 0207 458 4154.

RICS Home Survey Level 2 Report 

The RICS Home Survey Level 2 Report (formerly known as Homebuyer Survey) was established in 1981 and is still the most popular report for property buyers.
RICS Home Survey Level 2 Report is more detailed than the Condition Report and includes all the coverage of a Condition Report, plus a separate market valuation and advice on any defects that may affect the value of the property and recommendations for repairs and ongoing maintenance.
Choose a RICS Home Survey Level 2 if you are buying a conventional house, flat or bungalow in reasonable condition and would like more advice about the condition of the property, including repairs and ongoing maintenance. This report can also cover any specific concerns for which you would like the surveyor’s opinion.

RICS Home Survey Level 3 Report 

The RICS Home Survey Level 3 Report is a comprehensive report providing information about the fabric and condition of the property, as well as defects, repair and maintenance advice.
Choose a RICS Home Survey Level 3 Report if you are dealing with a larger, older, run-down or unusual property, or if you are planning major works.
Don’t make a move without a RICS Home Survey Level 2 or 3 Report

If you are unsure of which survey would suit your property needs, please call  0207 458 4154 to identify the most appropriate and cost effective survey for your needs.